Yale MR Reach Trucks, safety first

(2015-07-28 14:25:25)

Forklifts are among the most frequently used pieces of equipment in material handling workplaces. While great care is put into the design to ensure safety, preventable accidents involving forklifts are also common. There are a variety of things that can cause forklift accidents including a lack of training or carelessness by drivers – after all, all humans are susceptible to fatigue, competing demands, boredom, pain from discomfort etc. Additional causes relate to improper tools and attachments, outdated equipment and a failure to maintain the forklift regularly. As safety requirements increase more and more, the demand for improved safety measures is fortunately increasing, over a demand for short-term economical but lower standards of quality trucks, as well – which is encouraging to see in the industry and a forte of Yale. 

Premium display - An industry first premium touch screen display allows operators to be in full control of the truck at all times, giving inclusive pieces of information needed to operate forklift smoothly and easily. The display provides PIN access, preselected heights, fleet management information, weight indication, emergency override features to interrupt lifting, creep speed selection all at the touch of the screen. The screen opens up the possibility of regular updates to ensure that your truck will continue to benefit from the latest software versions and high levels of information. 

Laser positioningThe laser projects a red dot and line from the location on the fork carriage, this enables the operator to clearly see where the forks need to be positioned in to lift the pallet safely. This helps reduce human error, particularly where operators have to position or pick loads high in the racking, allowing the operator to more safely, faster, and reduce potential damage to products and racking systems.

Mast Design – The new version not only boost mast stability but also optimize visibility through and around the mast. High visibility maintained through the height range by studied positioning of the cross members. Tight tolerances provide high resistance to bending and torsional and stable load handling through the height range which will increase safety standard and operator confidence when handling loads at height.


Overhead guard –Admittedly one of the basics safety foundations to any forklift operation, it is also the last line of defense for an operator if something has gone wrong. The head guard is built with higher resistant materials. The different shapes protect the operator cabin, ensuring as well an improved visibility.

Intelligent technology - Should a problem ever occur, our integrated Dual CANbus technology ensures customers will be able to identify an operator error or malfunction and fix it fast. Yale’s unique innovative ‘Get Home’ function can even be activated after all functions come to rest, allowing the operator to drive to the truck to an appropriate place of repair.


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