(2016-03-19 10:38:57)

Yale MR Series is the next level in reach truck productivity, delivered through innovation, technology and ergonomic design. Produced in Yale Factory in Masate (Italy), this series of Reach Truck delivers more.

More productivity with higher travel, lift and lower speeds.

To increase the productivity of your business, speed and control is of the essence. Higher travel speeds for long travel distances throughout your warehouse and lower speeds for precise load handling. The MR series gives you both.

To move more loads per hour, fast cycle times are essential. That’s why we’ve increased the MR’s travel speed to 14 km/h and the mast speed to 0.8 metres per second with masts lifting up to 12.75m.

More comfort with unique ergonomic controls and enhanced visibility.

Premium display - An industry first premium touch screen display allows operators to be in full control of the truck at all times. The display provides PIN access, height preselect, weight indication, lift interrupt override, and more.

Comfortably better - Getting into the operator compartment and retaining comfortable throughout the shift is a Yale® prerequisite. The lowest and widest step in the industry, integrated grab handles and an adjustable steering column support easy access. A new full suspension adjustable seat with integral lumbar support dramatically reduces whole body vibration; while wider spaced floor pedals provide increased leg room and a more comfortable operating position.

More flexibility

Yale MR Series is available with seven models in capacities from 1,400kg to 2,500kg and lift heights up to 12.75m. More choice is also provided with three chassis available to match your application.

If you are interested in renewing your old Reach Truck and jump to a new level, do not hesitate to contact us at or call us at +84  8 3553 2301.

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