Yale FORKLIFT history

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Forklift YALE

In the beginning

YALE fork liftYale was founded in 1844 when Linus Yale Jr. of Connecticut , USA , invented the pin-tumbler cylinder lock and gave his name to a range of engineered products synonymous with quality and durability. In 1868 Linus Yale was introduced to Henry R. Towne and together they formed the Yale Lock Manufacturing Company, (later to become Yale and Towne Manufacturing Co.), before broadening their scope from locks to materials handling in 1875.

In 1920 Yale and Towne launched a new battery powered low lift platform truck quickly followed by a range of both load and high lift platform Xe nâng hàng trucks, tow tractors and one of the first lifting trucks with tilting forks. Seven years later, Yale and Towne acquired Boge and Kasten, Solingen manufacturers of BKS lift trucks in Germany . The brand continued to be manufactured by Yale and Towne until 1977.



Xe nâng

Yale expanded throughout the 1930's and 1940's through the acquisition of competitors, whilst developing innovations such as power steering, centre-control trucks and caster steering. The division also became the first to employ high heat-resistant Class H silicon insulation in electric motors, still considered the industry's finest today.

In 1950, Yale added gas, LP gas and diesel powered trucks to its range, with production of the first counterbalance trucks following two years later. In 1964, there was further innovation when Yale introduced the first Silicone Controlled Rectifier (SCR) - controlled electric forklift truck.

Yale 1926 van hoat dong duoc

Global expansion

Having traded in Japan for many years, Yale forged a partnership with Sumitomo Ltd in 1969 to produce Yale lift trucks under license, later to be named the Sumitomo-Yale Co Ltd.

In 1984, there was further expansion when the Yale Materials Handling Corporation was formed following the acquisition of the company by North American Coal Corporation (NACCO).




Continued development and growth of Yale Materials Handling Ltd in the UK was recognised in 1990 with the Queen's Award for Export Achievement being presented to the company. Then in 1992, Yale Europe Materials Handling was formed to market Yale forklift trucks to Europe, Africa and the Middle East . Yale's parent company, NACCO Materials Handling Group became the largest manufacturer of lift trucks in 1994, shipping over 70, 000 units world wide during the year.

1999 saw the results of a $40 million investment programme, which included the LJ/MJ range.

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