Whatever the weather, Yale’s electric counterbalance trucks have the answer

(2015-05-22 17:51:59)

The new weather protection options are available on the Yale ERP22-35VL to overcome some challenging environments, normally the reserve of ICE products.

The kits improve the dependability of the truck when used outside, increasing product flexibility, productivity and allowing Electric Rider Trucks to lower the total cost of operation.

The Arduos Conditions Kit - one of our outstanding kits, make the four wheel electric forklift truck suitable for use in ‘dirty’ yards and inclement weather, where standing water, mud, salt or other corrosive substances can be found. It also protects the forklift truck in dusty or sandy environments.

Another noteworthy kit is the Spray and Corrosive Environment kit which is also available, consisting of IP54 sealed drive axle and traction motors, an extended belly pan, side shields, fully enclosed fuse box and relays, fully sealed rocker switches, sealer coatings on all power cable connections and upgraded protection of fastened joints.

A ‘weather protection’ operator’s cabin option, consisting of individual panels which reflect the modern styling of the VL series, can also be mounted onto the standard overhead guard to provide weather protection for outdoor use, shielding the operator from everything from wind and rain to hail and snow.

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