Technology and Horsepower

(2015-10-10 11:00:30)

What has the strength of several tigers, the stability of a cow, moves at the speed of an army of sloths, and has the loyalty of man’s best friend? That’s right you guessed it!.. (or a million points to anyone that did). We were originally planning to compare one of our material handling units to an animal equivalent – such as horses power and transporting cargo in the old days – but after one too many not-so-virgin cocktails and reminiscing over 80’s and 90’s cartoons (Go go Power Rangers and Voltron!), we figured why choose just one animal aspect when we can combine several into an epic mega material handling unit!

Allow us to present the MP20 – a pedestrian pallet truck, which offers the right balance between operator comfort, energy efficiency, low maintenance, and above all performance. However here are some interesting contrasts we can make -

It has..

The power of ten tigers~

Well, maybe not ten. But this unit is able to transport an impressive two tonnes of cargo weight, which is approximately a similar load to what 4 to 5 Siberian tigers could carry. Or if we use the pound for pound rule, approximately 250 cats – but good luck leashing them on and getting them to go in the same direction!


The speed of an army of sloths~

When working with material handling products, you are typically moving heavy and often fragile items – so as it is with egg races and material handling units, “sure and steady” really does win the race. Moving at a top speed of 6 kph, this model travels within the collective speed of a small army of 30 sloths - no high speed chases or colissions here thank you very much.


The stability of a cow~

More of an urban legend than a prank in practice – as the reality of someone trying to sneak up to a cow while asleep and pushing it over (disregarding the fact cows don’t sleep while standing), is actually incredibly difficult to do – and likely impossible for a single person. While our research team was unable to find any cow volunteers to test, due to the low centre of gravity design of the MP20 our team expressed similar difficulties in losing balance with the unit.


The loyalty of man’s best friend~

To test loyalty and obedience, we decided to run a series of tests transporting dog biscuit boxes, using the MP20 as a control group, and some very enthusiastic puppies. Our findings suggest that the MP20 is more responsive to prompt start/stop/turn commands, and has a mastery over the ‘stay’ command, compared to our puppy group. Furthermore when both groups were not under direct supervision, we reported far fewer incidences of biscuits that were ‘unaccounted for’ during supervisor absences with the MP20 group. But maybe that was just a coincidence.

(Editor’s note – no puppies were harmed during this research period!)

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