MASTER Series - Quiet and weight-optimized cable carriers (New product)

(2015-07-29 12:52:48)

  1. Aluminum stays available in 1 mm width sections


2.  Plastic cover available in 25 mm width sections (LT 60)

3.  Minimized hinge wear owing to the “life extending 2 disc principle“

4.  Can be opened quickly on the inside and the outside for cable laying

5.  C-Rail for strain relief elements

6.  Closed and open universal mounting brackets (UMBs)

7.  Replaceable glide shoes (H Series)

8.  Variable pre-tensioning for the most varied applications is possible

9.  Extremely quiet owing to internal damping system for pre-tension and radius strokes

10.  Dividers can be fixed

11.  Many possibilities for internal subdivision


Minimized hinge wear

owing to the “life

extending 2 disc


C-Rails integrated

in the connector

Dividers can be

fixed for installations

where the carrier

is rotated through

90° and applications

with high transverse


Many separation

options for the



·         Low intrinsic weight

·         Favorable ratio of inner to outer dimensions

·         Standard bend radii, applicationspecific intermediate radii upon request


·         Completely enclosed types, see MASTER TUBES

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Types MASTER HC/LC with aluminium stays

 C-Rails integrated in the connector

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