KLC solutions for battery replacement of electric forklifts

(2015-12-02 23:52:02)

KLC is expert in providing different solutions according to the environment of the customer. As a consequence, we suggest customers with solutions that aim to solve their space issues and safety constraints.

Battery replacement of electric forklift is more often one of the most underestimated processes. With the help of Yale, we have studied two solutions which may help your business.

Lateral extraction: for narrow spaces and rooms.

Extracting a battery with a pallet truck is a solution for narrow spaces where another forklift cannot go.Lateral extraction system makes battery replacement quicker and effortless. The operation is simple but applicable only if the forklift is equipped with rollers and it is suitable with anybattery weight.

Watch the video to know how easy it is:

Vertical extraction with Forkpockets: improve your safety

Vertical extraction with Forkpockets is a solution which improves safety, as well as being highly cost effective.

In order to use this solution, you need another forklift which will lift and pull the battery out from the forklift you want to replace the battery from. Forkpockets are installed on the forks and fit any length and battery weight. Non-slip, non-danger, easy to use, forkpockets are simply a must, once you start using them.

Curious about Forkpockets?  Click and see with your eyes:

Our passion is your satisfaction. Battery extraction is only one of the options for your special warehouse offered by KLC. There are many other solutions that we are able to provide. Weare always glad to visit our customers and givethem the most suitableadvice. Contact us at sales@machinery.com.vn

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