FORKLIFT RENTAL PROGRAM 2016, our obsession for quality.

(2015-12-03 00:09:31)

“Offering rental to customer is not only a way to sell our products. It is a way to work together with our customers, become active part in their success every day, envision long term relationship founded on mutual benefit and trust”.

Based on these fair and simple considerations, this year Ky Luc Co., Ltd. has decided to apply major changes and rebuild its Forklift Rental Program, implementing considerable changes and making it a high qualitative response to the increasing demand of rental market in Vietnam.


  • PREVENTION SYSTEM: we have implemented a new software that allows us track everything happens with a truck, its story in a simple drawer. The system also guarantees us to prevent breakdowns and suggest spare parts replacement on time.
  • REPORTING &EVALUATION: every customer is provided with detailed reports, daily and monthly, truck by truck. We ask them to evaluate us monthly and share with us every little improvement action we can bring in place.
  • DEDICATED PEOPLE: we believe long term relationships benefit from increasing trust, built on a dailybasis. And relationships are based on people, at any level. As a consequence, we dedicate one project manager and one service manager to follow each customer from the first day of the contract.

 For these reasons, as well as for the quality of our Yale Forklift, 2015 has seen multinational companies like Nestlé and  Piaggio putting their trust our new Program. And more to come…


It all started in Binh An Factory (Binh Duong) when Nestle hired a Yale pallet mover in early February in order to improve their forklift battery extraction system. Later in June, 4 units of Yale ERC045VG, the best of our electric forklifts, directly produced in USA, became part of their fleet. Satisfaction of all parties brought also Tri An Factory (Binh Duong) to start  the trial of our services. In December, they will receive a Yale MR16N, a high performance Reach Truck, capable to work in drive-in racking and stack goods at high levels.



The story of the famous Italian wheeled motor vehicles manufacturer with Yale, had its origin in the middle of November, when its factory in Vinh Phuc Province received two forklifts, 100% made in Japan, one Diesel Counterbalanced, capable to work inside containers and one Electric Counterbalanced, agile and ready to work at high levels. December will see two more units of warehouse equipment coming from Yale factories in Italy and Japan.

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