Common Forklift Attachments Types

(2016-08-12 13:58:34)

You have special goods that a normal forklift with forks could not move. Or you want to improve productivity. A forklift with attachment can solve your problem.

Choosing the right attachment for the right application can increase productivity of your logistics handling dramatically. Which attachment should you choose? There are hundreds of different configurations and designs available on the market. Today we will cover some of the most common & their benefits; to help you make the right choice.


Side Shifters are one of the most common attachments used today; most forklifts come with this attachment as standard. This attachment allows you to shift the forks (tynes) from side to side allowing for small adjustments to be made by the operator; enabling alignment with pallets without manoeuvring the entire forklift.


Fork Positioners are another very common attachment used today. The Attachment allows forklift tynes to be moved closer or further away from each other hydraulically. Allowing for faster and more effective handling of different size pallets and odd size objects. This enables the operator to align forks with pallets more accurately and significantly faster.


Paper Roll Clamps handle different sized paper rolls for industries such as newspaper printing, paper manufacturing, tissue manufacturing & other paper industry products. Paper Roll Clamps can be ordered with automatic pressure controls; which allow allocation of correct pressure without damaging/crushing the paper roll. A number of different types of gripping pads are also available depending on the paper you’re handling.


Push/Pull attachments are used for the handling of loads that have slip sheets instead of pallets. They push to unload and pull to load using slip sheets.

Slip sheets are most popular for bagged cement, bagged seed and grain, packaged food, dairy products, fruit and corrugated box handling. The unique aspect about this attachment is that instead of using pallets, it is substituted by an inexpensive slip sheet which decreases maintenance costs, storage area and damaged stock due to old pallets.


Carton clamps are designed to handle large rectangular or square shaped objects that don’t require a pallet; most commonly used by beverage, appliance and electronic applications. But they can also be used to handle fragile goods when used with automatic pressure sensing systems.

Common configurations for the attachment are horizontal and vertical depending on the application requirements.


Single-Double Pallet Handlers transport single or two pallets side by side. Spreading the four forks allows handling of two pallets side by side. When brought together, the four forks convert into two forks ready for single pallet handling. Forks are hydraulically or manually positioned. Generally used by high turnover production and warehousing/shipping industries, such as bottling, brewing & soft drink/can industries.

At Ky Luc, you can find right attachment for the right application can increase productivity. Contact us to receive good advice for your situation.

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