New Electric Forklift Series FB15-35RZ

(2017-04-30 14:23:31)

Yale’s introduction of the new FB15-35RZ sets a focal point on operator safety and ease of operation.

Synchronous steering has been integrated into the standard steer system for the unit. Through this, the rotation of the steering wheel intuitively aligns with the angle of the wheels, so that the spinner knob on the steering wheel always returns to the same ideal position for forward driving after a turn.

Alongside synchronous steering, Yale has introduced an automatic speed control system for turning. This safety control feature automatically decelerates the truck during turns, dependent on current truck speed and steer tyre angle. Furthermore, a semi-high mount trail axle has been introduced on a longer wheelbase to decrease the trucks lateral articulation during turns. Overall, this leads to a more productive truck during load handling applications.

side battery extraction out

Travel and hydraulic interlock are still standard features on the FB15-35RZ, with options such as LED light packages, side battery extraction, blue LED spotlight (PAL), and acrylic top covers to accommodate customer’s specific requirements.

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