From 2004 to today, embracing Vietnam territory

- Ky Luc Co., LTD is established in Ho Chi Minh City with the passion of contribution to the growth of Vietnam working as a quality distributor in the industrial equipment and forklift provisioning.

2005 - The necessity to reach and serve customers in other territotories spreads rapidly, pushing a consequently natural expansion across the country. As a result, KLC establishes two new branches, directly connected to HCMC headquarters: Vinh in the center and the capital, Hanoi. 

2006 - KLC becomes a specialized company in industrial equipment consultancy, developing its expertise around the distribution and maintenance of forklifts, lift trucks, power generators and industrial spare parts. During the year “Exceed the customer’s satisfaction” is soon adopted as the company motto.

2008 - As a consequence of this specialization process, KLC chooses strategic partners and brands to be distributed and serviced. August is the month in which the strong relationship between KLC and the US Forklift Group, Yale, has birth. Since this time, KLC has operated as the sole and exclusive Distributor for Yale Forklifts in Vietnam.

2009 - KLC founds TPL, to embrace the challenge of the increasing demand of Parts & Services for Construction Equipment. In the same year, service and assistance becomes centralized with the set up of the Showroom and Warranty Service Center in Thu Duc District (HCMC). 

2010 is the year of crossing the borders: forklift exportations to Laos and Venezuela begins through solid partnerships with local companies.

2012 - Service center is established in Hanoi.

Today, KLC operates in synergy in the three territories in Vietnam and serve a large variety of partners with its product, looking ahead to embrace new challenges as well as the country development.